A Sunday so much expected due to it particularity. A Sunday dedicated to children which expressed their God given talent before the whole congregation. As stated by the prophet W.M. Branham in the sermon '' the deity of Jesus Christ ' 1949-1225. Pg 146, "Turn around and shake hands with each other, say, “God bless you. Christ be with you.” Instead of “Merry Christmas,”......

Quote which shows that we feast Christmas but not as do the world. On the other side El-Bethsda tabernacle has Taken this opportunity to please kids in this day where Christmas is celebrated all over the world and also to keep parent aware of the spiritual work undertaken  by Sunday school teachers throughout the 2017 year.

Reverent Louis Panzu carried on preaching on the second coming of The Lord for about 45 minutes to question parents which came to Applaud kids, the subtitle of the elaborated sermon was " the strategy of human empty vessels"

inspired from br WM. Branham sermon entitled "Perfect strength by perfect weakness" around pg139 and from the biblical story in the book of 2 Kind 4:1-7. The pastor also took reading from the sermon "Good doesn't call man to judgment without first warning him" 63-0724. This morning the pastor Insisted on the dress code as he read from the book of Luke15:8-10.

These were said: - if a women is ill dressed the husband is to blame, - if a child is ill dressed the mother is to blame, - the beauty of a women is exclusively to her husband. Why do women not dress up to the end time message dress code? It was said to men that masturbating equal fornication with an invisible women, if one burns then it's time for him to marry. GOD jugs no one without warning him first.

The conclusion of the short sermon was "one must totally empty himself from worldly thing so God can fill him with the Holy Spirit", then the pastor prayed so kids activity to begin.

Activities on the second part of the service:
Master of ceremony: brother Emil, sister Tshitshi and sister Ruth Dongala. Word for the ceremony spoken by br Jean Mbikayi and a Thanksgiving speech to the pastor was performed by one of the kids in English.

II- biblical stories presented periodically by kids : 1)queen Esther by Ashema. 2)debat between Brannan and..... By....... 3)why God chose the shepherds? By Billy Zinga. 4) Jeremy sorry by Grace Chepstow. 5) John Billy Nganda. 6) Joshua story at Jericho by shalom Kaniki, 7)Ruth, Boaz and Naomi story by Kira Ngindu

III-Songs by different groups of kids and 2 of the songs are sang by all kids together

IV- small dramas 1) on John the Baptist, the voice of one shouting in the wildness “repent for the end is at hand, presented by Abraham Yema and his group. 2)on Salomon wisdom by David Gbukuma junior and his group.  It was the end of the small program. Kids rejoiced around food and the warm day was closed with a word of prayer. Interpreters were: br. Blaise and...... May God bless you all during this festive season.

By Cécile- Sissi MOUBANGOU MAPEYET. / El Bethesda Tabernacle
Translated by bro Compagnon Tambwe / El Bethesda Tabernacle


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