#NEWS. SUNDAY SCHOOL 15 OCTOBER 2017 - ( El Bethesda Tabernarcle)

#NEWS. SUNDAY SCHOOL 15 OCTOBER 2017 - ( El Bethesda Tabernarcle)

Despite the rain which struck this morning in Cape Town, children managed to attend the Sunday School but this time below the effective number.

The class of children aged 10-15 had read from the book of 1Timothe 4:12 and Proverbs 20:11 with the theme “youth actions” and they also touched on the previous time theme which was “question and answer”

the Sunday school teacher “br Emile” assisted by br Mbikayi taught children how to be good and behave in purity of the Word. As December is at hand children commenced preparedness four 2017 Sunday school end.

On the side of the children aged 5 to 9, Sister Dongala was assisted by sister Chantal which reiterated on the theme of last Sunday “Salomon's temple”. But the focus was on questions and answers. A pertinent question was asked by one of the children: Why, Joseph and Mary were not Jesus Christ biological parent? With such a question we can figure out that children do understand things.

Thanks once to parent for their follow up and helping children complete their home work. In total children were 78: 45 boys, 33 girls; R135.10 was collected as offering and R50 for the construction. Sunday school director “brother Jean Mbikayi”.

By Sr Cecile - SISSI MOUBANGOU MAPEYET / El Bethesda Tabernacle
Translated By Bro. Compagnon Tambwe / El Bethesda Tabernacle


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