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Flash : Nous vous annonçons la tenue d'une convention qui aurra lieu à El-Bethesda tabernacle à partir du 20 Novembre au 20 Décembre 2017. THEME : LA VENUE DU SEIGNEUR EST PROCHE (IMINENTE)

Welcome and god bless you !

We, EL Bethesda Tabernacle, have taken the initiative to publish this website for the Bride of Jesus Christ, away from any denominational and religious barriers. We would like to inform you that at this age, God has sent us a Messenger with a glorious message according to Malachi 4, in order to prepare the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is to share our faith based upon the word of God in the bible, as revealed by the spirit of God to his servant the prophet that God has sent us at this end time, by the Person of Brother William Marion Branham. This message of restoration of the word of God as preached by the apostles, has been confirmed by signs and wonders with the clear appearing of the Angel of God to his servant the prophet- messenger of this last age of churches, as it is written in the book of revelation: …But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when He shall begin to sound the trumpet, the mystery of God will be finished, as He hath declared to his servants the prophets . Revelation 10: 7.
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Church weekly activities

From 5:00PM - 7:00PM
From 5:00PM - 7:00PM
From 10 : 00 AM - 1 : 30 PM

You are invited to worship with us in God's presence to receive the Word of God, healing and deliverence

Jesus christ is the same yersterday, today and forever ...Heb 13:8.

Our God is faithfull!

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Pastor L. PANZU : From 2PM - 5PM
Pastor L. PANZU : From 2PM - 5PM

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If you can't love your enemy the same as you love those who love you, you're no better off than the publicans.

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